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Helping West Texas Landowners Navigate Renewable Energy Issues

The rise of renewable energy in West Texas brings with it both opportunities and complexities for landowners. While renewable energy companies will often highlight the benefits of using your land, their primary focus generally will be on their own interests. It’s vital to have an ally in your corner who will ensure that your rights are fully protected. Our lawyer stands ready to be that steadfast advocate for you.

The Law Offices of John T. Montgomery is a local firm, and our attorney and staff are committed to serving the landowners of Abilene, Albany and the broader West Texas area. Our lawyer, John T. Montgomery, understands the land, the community and how to address the unique challenges that come with renewable energy projects.

The Importance Of Trusted Local Legal Help

Renewable energy projects, such as solar and wind farms, are becoming increasingly prevalent in the Big Country. The legal landscape surrounding them is constantly evolving. The long-term implications of these projects remain uncertain, and you likely have many questions and concerns. In these unpredictable waters, having a trusted local lawyer at your side can be essential. Our attorney can guide you through the process, answer your questions and stand up for your rights against renewable energy companies when necessary.

Protecting Your Rights In Renewable Energy Leases

Renewable energy leases can be long and intricate. Their terms may be difficult to decipher. Before you sign anything, it is critical to fully understand what exactly you are agreeing to. Our lawyer has a deep knowledge of renewable energy lease law. He is ready to review any lease terms you’ve been offered. He can provide clear explanations and negotiate vigorously for terms that protect your rights as a landowner, align with your goals and minimize future risks.

Standing Up For You In Disputes With Renewable Energy Companies

When conflicts arise with renewable energy companies, you need a trusted ally who will fight for you. Our lawyer stands up for West Texas landowners. He can help you understand your options when a renewable energy company has failed to live up to its contractual promises or has damaged your land. Our attorney will tirelessly seek justice on your behalf.

Get Trusted Guidance And Advocacy

When facing decisions about renewable energy on your land, don’t go it alone. Let our lawyer be your guide and advocate. Contact us today by calling 325-704-4357 or sending an email.