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Compassionate Probate And Estate Administration Guidance

Losing a loved one is never easy. The responsibilities of handling their estate could add stress to an already difficult time. At The Law Offices of John T. Montgomery, we stand ready to guide you through the probate and estate administration process with empathy and respect. From our offices in Abilene and Albany, we serve individuals and families across West Texas. Let our hometown attorney, John T. Montgomery, provide support as you fulfill your role as a personal representative.

Did Your Loved One Have An Estate Plan?

Whether or not your loved one had an estate plan in place significantly affects what the process will look like. If a will exists, it must be probated. Its terms will dictate the distribution of assets. Without a will, Texas intestacy laws will instead control what happens with your loved one’s property. Regardless of the situation, our firm stands ready to help you understand and perform your duties.

What Does Estate Administration Involve?

This process includes many critical steps, such as:

  • Identifying the estate’s assets
  • Gathering these assets
  • Paying any applicable estate taxes
  • Settling the estate’s debts
  • Determining heirs if there is no will
  • Distributing assets

The specifics of these steps, and what additional ones may be necessary, depend on a variety of factors.  Our attorney can assist you in identifying what the probate process will entail for your unique circumstances. He can then guide you through each step.

When Your Loved One’s Death Was Due To Negligence

An unexpected death caused by someone else’s carelessness can greatly complicate the probate process. This can especially be the case when no will is present. Emotions run high, and the situation can feel overwhelming. Our lawyer understands the intersection between wrongful death and probate matters. He is equipped to handle both. With this unique perspective, he is ready to be the steady hand you need to address these challenges.

When Probate Touches On Landowners’ Rights

Probate can also have added layers of complexity when the estate assets raise landowner rights issues. Disputes may arise over property rights, including oil royalties, and the future of such assets. Our attorney leverages his experience in both probate and landowners’ rights to offer informed guidance aimed at reaching effective solutions.

Let Us Be Your Partner Through The Process

We are here to guide you through the intricacies of probate and estate administration law. Call us at 325-704-4357 or reach out to us via email to get the compassionate and dedicated support you deserve.