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Protecting The Rights Of West Texas Landowners

Here in West Texas, land is not just property – it’s a legacy passed down through generations. It can be a cornerstone of your family’s history and its future. When legal issues arise that affect or threaten this crucial asset, you deserve a trusted ally.

Turn to our hometown law firm of The Law Offices of John T. Montgomery. Our Big Country attorney, John T. Montgomery, knows the local land like his own backyard – because it is. Based in Abilene and Albany, we are here to tenaciously protect your land, your rights and your legacy.

What We Can Help You With

Our firm is ready to help with a wide variety of landowners’ rights matters, including:

  • Oil and gas issues: Whether you’re negotiating a lease or addressing damages, we’ll advocate for your interests.
  • Renewable energy issues: We can stand your rights in contract negotiations and damage disputes with wind and solar energy companies.
  • Eminent domain: If the government seeks to take your land for public use, we’ll fight for the compensation you deserve.

When landowner rights and the probate process intersect, our skilled and dedicated attorney can guide you through the complexities that arise.

Standing Up To The Powerful

We don’t shy away from confronting giants. When large corporations or government agencies threaten your land, our attorney is ready to bring his extensive litigation experience to your aid. He is committed to advocating for the rights of West Texas landowners, no matter how powerful the opponent.

The Local Advantage

Having a hometown attorney means having an advocate who knows the local courts, judges and legal landscape. Our lawyer has spent over a decade building relationships in the West Texas legal community. The insights he has gained over this time can be invaluable when facing out-of-town adversaries.

Protect What Is Yours

Get dedicated legal support from an advocate who understands how much your land means to you. Call 325-704-4357 or email us today to set up a meeting to discuss how we can stand up for your landowner rights.