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Defending a CDL Traffic Violation

While a speeding ticket is an expensive nuisance for most drivers, a driver with a Commercial Driver's License has added consequences when dealing with a moving violation.

If you receive a ticket in Texas and you have a CDL license, you should strongly consider appealing the ticket.

  1. Your employer may suspend or terminate you because of the citation.

  2. Costs for insurance may increase.

  3. Texas Department of Transportation considers how many miles per hour over when dealing with points or suspensions.  If you are driving a CDL vehicle and are cited, the number of miles over the limit can greatly impact the consequences on your license.

If you have received a citation in Texas and you have a CDL license, contact The Montgomery Law Firm  at (325) 704-4357 to schedule a free consultation. Having an attorney to represent you and guide you through the options with these tickets increases your chances of a favorable outcome. We represent commercial drivers in many counties across the State of Texas.

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