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They Didn't See You But They Still Owe You

We are ready to fight for your rights, armed with the resources, expertise, and knowledge of law and physics necessary to prevail in these complex cases.

We will make sure that the negligent driver is not able to simply disregard their responsibility to be aware of their surroundings. In fact, drivers are not supposed to move their car an inch without being sure that they can proceed safely. This is a crucial part of motorcycle incident claims, placing the blame squarely where it belongs.

Our team will not settle a case for less than what it is worth, and we work diligently to obtain compensation at trial for damages such as medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering. This includes maximizing compensation in cases stemming from drivers:

  • Changing lanes without signaling

  • Making a left turn without signaling

  • Failing to stop before turning right at a stop sign or red light

  • Pulling out into traffic without looking

Whether your loved one is suffering from a catastrophic head or spine injury or you have lost a family member in a fatal wreck, we will make sure you receive the compensation you need now and for the rest of your life.

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