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Securing Your Family's Future

With A Solid Estate Plan

Ensuring you have a Solid Estate Plan is an important process for every family. John T. Montgomery: Attorney At Law takes pride in guiding clients  through the entire estate planning process, ensuring certainty in uncertain times. John T. Montgomery: Attorney At Law helps build clients a Solid Estate Plan to save your spouse, children, and heirs time, money, and legal troubles; ensuring that your estate passes to those you love rather than according to the state laws.


A Will should be the foundation of every estate plan, simple or complex. At its basic function, a Will tells the Court how your property should be distributed. Dying without a will can be a costly affair. Additionally, a Will can state how your debts are to be paid, name guardians for your children, and minimize estate taxes. John T. Montgomery: Attorney At Law's goal is to put your mind at ease and ensure your estate plan is in place for you and your family.


Probate is the process by which a Court administers and distributes the estate (property) of a deceased person. A Probate Court decides the legal validity of a testator's (deceased person's) will and grants its approval, also known as granting Probate, to the executor. A will ensures the Probate Court distributes the property according to the owner’s wishes.


A Trust is an important estate planning tool that can be used to avoid the time and cost of Probate. Trusts can be used to help manage assets, ensure financial security of loved ones, avoid probate, and potentially reduce estate taxes. Unlike wills, it is very difficult to challenge the legitimacy of a Trust. Trusts can ensure a smooth and almost immediate transfer of your assets to your family and loved ones without lengthy procedure.

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